Piano was designed for the Luhta Home Autumn-Winter 2014 collection. The collection theme was music. As a kid I played the piano but I was really bad at reading the notes. That is why I learned to memorize the songs really quickly. I remember staring at these black and white stripes when memorizing the songs. My piano design is based on this childhood memory. Piano was sold for various seasons in various colorways. It was used for duvet covers, towels, kitchen textiles, cushion covers and sauna textiles. Techniques used were printed textiles, woven and embroided textiles.


Designed for Luhta Home | Launched: Autumn 2014 | Designed as an in-house concept designer













Hän istuu pianon ääressä,

vanhan valokuvan väreissä.

Sadan vuoden mittainen

tauko välillämme.

Mutta sävelet,

ne jatkoivat soimistaan,

kun mennyttä aikaa



Custom made poem for the Piano design by Antti Huntus