Konsertti and Hipat were a commisioned work for japanese Senshukai / Belle Maison for their Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Konsertti (concert) is design that is inspired by music, sounds and rhythms. I’m fascinated with how sounds of different instruments create harmonies and structure. Making music visual has always interested me. For me designing is my way of composing: I choose the graphic elements, set them in a dynamic composition and test and choose the colors trying to find interesting harmonies.
Hipat is an old word in Finnish meaning a small party where people dance. The design showcases my interest in expressing movement in pattern design. It could be seen as confetti flying in the air, or it could visualize a gust of wind blowing. I love to create simple designs by focusing on the movement of elements, accurate colorwork and the obscuring of the pattern repeat. A curtain is a big vertical element in a room and is visible at all times unlike bedlinen. That is why I usually prefer to make simple designs for curtains so that they will please the eye for a longer period of time.


Client: Senshukai | Launched: Spring 2016