Kaisla (the reed in eglish) is part of Luhta Home Spring-Summer 2015 collection. This is a good example of my never ending interest towards all kinds of gradients. I am always exploring new ways to express it. I find this design interesting because it is inbetween abstract and figurative expression. Kaisla design was used for Duvet covers, curtains and sauna textiles.


Designed for Luhta Home  |  Launched Spring 2015  |  Designed as an in-house concept designer











Katinkullastako hohde varsiinne

vai aaltojen välkeestä?

Huojutte siinä niin sorjina

kuin vartiossa,

kätkette kahisevaan huomaanne

linnunpoikien untuvaiset unet.



Custom made poem for the Kaisla pattern by Maria Lyytinen