Greeting mittens was a special project I did while studying design, 2003. I have been a bit of a shy person and I wanted to design something that makes greeting easier. Greeting mittens were firstly sold at the christmas market of the  design university. Products were sold out and I continued with them the next Christmas and they were sold out again. That is when we gathered our forces with my colleague student Mari Heinonmäki and founded a company together and our label Moiko was born 2010. Greeting mittens in various languages were the first product of our company. It is sold in more than ten languages for kids and adults. Later we stated making also cute greeting sets for babies and greeting reflectors. Saying moi (hello in finnish) is a starting point for friendships and all kind of co-operations. It was also a starting point for our company which has been growing ever since.


Designed for Moiko  |  Launched 2004 as a special edition hand made series, Professional production started 2010