I am Anu Saari a designer and illustrator living in Helsinki, Finland. My background is in fine arts but my interest in realising visual ideas on everyday objects brought me to the field of surface and textile design. I graduated (MA) in 2006 from Aalto University School of Arts and Design. Since 2002 I have been doing textile and concept design as an in-house designer and freelancer for Finnish and foreign companies. I have a lot of experience in finding good design solutions that meet with the client`s needs but I also have a strong own voice as a designer if given free rein. One of my most famous designs is "Ajatus" designed for Finlayson portraying thinking panda figures.


The two themes that constantly inspire me and are the basis for many of my designs are storytelling and visualization of movement. Nowadays I have become more and more interested in multidisciplinary expression and I have used my skills in the fields of graphic design, illustration and even web design. My work is a mixture of experience and new techniques that I am constantly learning. Curiosity is the key to my work process.


Besides my freelance work I am the a co-founder and Creative Director of the award winning finnish accessory brand Moiko.


Interested in collaborating? You can find me at: anu(at)anusaari.com